Planning in Uncertain Times

The Coronavirus pandemic we are all dealing with means a lot of us are having to work from home, tackling challenges we never thought we’d face here in America. Figuring out child-care, shopping online, E-learning for our kids, juggling home and work life in the same space. But during these tough times many of us are also reevaluating our expenses and family budgets.

An expense that might come up for evaluation, is your insurance.  At Builtwell Insurance, we want you to know that we are a phone call away. You can talk to your independent agent at any time and review the following lines of insurance to check for possible adjustments that may lessen your expense, you don’t have to wait for renewal time by the way, you can do it now.

Thankfully, we are independent, meaning we can shop the best policy at the best price for you from dozens of carriers. Let us take a look for you, and see if we can save you money on the following type policies:

Homeowners Coverage-
o   Look at deductibles.  Insurance is for the sudden and unexpected.  Can your emergency fund afford more than $1000 in the event of a loss?  Review what the savings are to go to $2500 or $5000 and then compare that savings over the number of years since you last had a claim.
o   Dwelling replacement cost- ask your agent to review the replacement cost on your policy.  Part of your premium is based on the coverage amount on the policy.

Auto Insurance
o   Deductibles, same as your homeowners.  Review the savings compared over the number of years since your last claim.