What’s In A Name?

Well-built communities start with well-built insurance companies. This happens by being a local economic engine for the communities we serve. If you have visited a First Volunteer office recently, you have probably already seen our new name, but if not, we are pleased to introduce you to:

This new name is just part of the story we have the privilege to share with our clients, old and new, our centers of influence, and eventually our entire community.

What does this new name mean?

We have chosen this new name to take us through the next 100 years. Here are some of the reasons we chose this particular name.

  • Our Culture – We have built a culture that drives us to live by our values and beliefs.
  • Our People – We have built our teams and enable them to be Trusted Insurance and Financial Advisors to the clients they serve.
  • Our Purpose – We have built a purpose of providing premier risk management and financial service solutions necessary for economic growth.
  • Our Promise – We have built a promise that says everything we do is to make our clients’ lives better and easier.
  • Our Foundation – We have built a foundation where we embrace a financial philosophy of Soundness, Profitability, and Growth in that order of importance.

All of these points allow us to display the commitment we have here at Builtwell Insurance to all the communities we serve, as being a local economic engine that they can rely on for their financial and insurance needs.

The name Builtwell signifies our commitment to be a well-built insurance agency, here to serve you, your family, and friends. You will see the new name in branches and on signage starting August 1, 2022.

Our agency joined the First Volunteer Bank family in 2001 and since then, First Volunteer Insurance has continued to grow and expand. As we grow, we want our name to be relevant and meaningful to the communities we serve. Our new name demonstrates our commitment to you. Your insurance agency is strong and prosperous, preparing to serve you for the next 100 years. The agents and account managers you know, and trust will continue to provide the excellent service you’ve come to expect from First Volunteer Insurance. They are fully empowered to serve you, just as they always have been.

This new name is a new beginning, an opportunity to show our clients and our communities how well built we are from the inside out. We Are Builtwell!

Please call us with any questions you may have about this change. Our staff is fully prepared to answer any questions, so please reach out to your Account Manager at (423) 668-4888 to address any concerns.  Be sure to take a moment to visit our updated website at www.builtwellinsurance.com for more information.

Most importantly, thank you! We realize you have many options in today’s market and we truly appreciate you choosing us for your insurance needs. The staff at Builtwell Insurance is looking forward to this change, and we hope to see you soon!